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Are you aware of Victoria's new Workplace Manslaughter Laws?



Made Simple

OHS Systems Built From Within





OHS as you know it:

Complicated. Confusing. Costly.


Full of complex jargon that makes you glaze over


Not sure where to start? Wonder if it's really necessary?


Having a casual attitude to OHS puts lives at risk

OHS The Wakefield Way:

Simple. Engaging. Effective.


Our system extracts the essential safety principles out of the noise.



When people help build the system that protects them, they believe in it.

A well built system runs itself, leaving the fun parts of business to you.

The Wakefield Difference

At Wakefield Consultant Services, we know that when safety is complicated your people won't engage in the process. It is our mission to create simple, engaging and effective safety systems. Systems built alongside the very people whose lives they will protect. Because everyone deserves to get home safe.

The Wakefield Difference

We don't just care about safety, we care about you.

We know the pain and heartache that workplace accidents can cause, and have experienced first-hand the long term repercussions that a casual approach to safety can cause.

This isn't just a job, this is our mission.


Do I really need this?

nothing's happened yet...

One minute, things are going along as per usual. The next, a split-second slip is the beginning of two years in hospital. Lives can change in the blink of an eye.

I've already got safety sorted...

Is your safety system sitting in a dusty drawer or is it in action? Can you show evidence of employee engagement and ongoing improvement?

it'll be too expensive...

The average cost of an OHS incident in time and money is difficult to calculate. Click here to have a more in depth look at what's involved



a word from our clients

“This is what Wakefield Consultant Services is all about. GETTING RESULTS. We have been waiting 5 years for this and you've pulled it off in a few months. We have been in business for over 20 years and having you as a part of the ABLE family is one of the best decisions we have made in that time.” 

—  Ian Simpson, Owner of ABLE Onsite Services

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